Consumables (not ammo) – Auto-reduction


Add the ability to keep track of consumable inventory items.

E.G. Water: Set the number of uses a single waterskin can store (like an ammo track).

Bonus feature: Deduct ‘uses’ each time a character short/long rests. Same for iron rations on a long rest. Allow GM to set the number of ‘uses’ used per rest period, depending on local conditions (More water in hot climates, More food in cold climates). A Pop-up warning when a character is out of water or food (So that the GM can start adding levels of exhaustion).

Extra Bonus feature: Some means of recording how much rope has been cut off a full 50′ length for various uses.

One Comment

  • All of the above were/are GM paperwork items currently in my campaign where I do keep track of these things. It would be nice to hand-over to FG to automatically keep track because I have to constantly remind players to make these deductions themselves.


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